About Me

Soooooooo..... This little page is about the girl behind the blog. (pssstttt that's me <---) If you went through the trouble to click on this page then comment and tell me. It's nice to know you guys care enough to read more about me. Now, I am not one to write a lot. I like to get to the point. Talking is a different story. A very, very long story. But yeah... This page is and will probably always be a work in progress, because that is what I am.

I guess I will start with a few random facts about me:
~I talk more than an average person...way more.
~Rain calms me.
~ I love math and am actually quite good at it.
~Tapping bothers me.
~ I don't actually love writing. I love reading, but writing just doesn't come
   naturally to me. (Which is why I started this little pet project)
~I play volleyball.
~I love mangos.
~I'm a Taurus
~I can be a major video game nerd....I blame my brothers.
~I have brothers......no sisters, and no girl cousins.......but a lot of guy cousins.
~I hate it when people touch my hair.
~I can't stand awkwardness

What do I look like?
YOU WILL NEVER KNOW!!! Muahaha!! No really, but here is what I will say:
~ I have brown hair and brown eyes. (Kinda boring, but I like it)
~I am 16 years old. (Yep, I'm a youngster)
~That's all I'm saying.

Ma Frens
As surprising as it may seem I do actually have a decent size group of friends. We are all crazy and we feed off each others weirdness. (not literally, we aren't cannibals.) But really, I would consider myself very personable...Kinda >.<
The friend I have know the longest is Caroline. I have know her since...uhh...I guess since we were two? We have been friends ever since.*Reminiscing on the memories* Oh, good times, good times.She is amazing and awesome and talented and I could go on forever. She is the one who drew my profile picture. It was a present for my birfday. I am supposed to be the one on the left and she is on the right.


  1. I really love your blog ;) I also love playing volleyball, I talk WAY too much, and I have a group of friends that are EXTREMELY important to me...and I'm pretty sure my friends are not cannibals but I can only speak for myself o.O (no, just kidding)

    We have so much in common, I feel! Your blog is SUPER AWESOME (perhaps my favorite of all time ;)

    Keep up the epicness!


    1. Wow, we do have a lot in common! Thank you so much for the compliments! It really means a lot.~

    2. I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award so check it out!


  2. You sound like such a cool, fun person! (: I can definitely relate a lot to you too!! I'm 14 too! Keep updating your amazing blog! I'll come and stop by once in while and look for new books to read!

    Kelsey @ http://kindleaffairs.blogspot.ca

  3. Hey! I'm a very new follower and was reading your about me (*cough* obviously xD) and you sound really awesome. I'm looking forward to your blog posts :) Oh and I wanted to say that I'm 15 too! :D *high five*

  4. I LOVE video games, also going to blame my brothers. They got me started on video games at a very young age. :D


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