Saturday, January 4, 2014

Book Haul #31: What I got for Christmas

This year I got two books for Christmas: Die For Me and Let The Sky Fall
 Let The Sky Fall came with some cool swag too: 2 bookmarks, 1 mini book mark aaaaannnnnddd
 A PERSONALIZED BOOK PLATE! AHHHH. I was quite excited when I opened this.  I really enjoyed this book so I can't wait for Let The Storm Break a little later this year.
I'm also excited I got Die For Me because I now have all the books in the series. I would highly recommend it too!
Also the biggest bit of awsomeness... I GOT A KINDLE PAPERWHITE!
The joy is unimaginable.
What did you get this holiday season?


  1. I haven't read either of those books but I really should, shouldn't I?
    Ugh. I really need an ereader. I'm so behind. For Christmas I got Under the Never Sky by Veronica Rossi and Through the Zombie Glass :) Can't wait to read them Merry (late) Christmas!

    1. You should, they're great. And Under the Never Sky is really good too!

  2. Ooh I loved the Die for Me series but I haven't read If I Should Die yet. I also read Let the Sky Fall last year and it was okay for me. I think I liked the author's MG series better. I hope you enjoy all your books, Sydney!

    1. You should read If I Should Die. It was a really good conclusion to the series!


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