Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Top Ten: Television Shows

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and Bookish.

Teen Wolf
I started watching this show last fall and I marathoned season 1, 2, and 3A in about two weeks. Mind you I did have school at that time. I absolutely love this show. Basically it is about teen wolves...and a handful of other paranormal beings. If you can just make it through the first season (which was pretty bad) it just get so much better from there. Season 4 premiered June 23 and I just can't.

The 100
The CW
This show is based on the book (by the same name) written by Kass Morgan. I actually haven't really heard anything about that book, but I must say this show is really good. It's about a group of teenage delinquents who are sent to Earth from the Ark, the space station that houses what is left of humanity after a nuclear war. The Ark is dying and the teens have the mission to see if Earth is habitable. When the teens get to Earth they are on their own to find food, shelter, pretty much everything. Since I haven't read the book I can't speak to how faithful it is to the book, but either way this is a great show. 

The CW
Before this show I don't think I had really watched any historical dramas, but I must say this show has made me love them. There is just something about the time period that is so fascinating to watch. This show is about Mary Queen of Scots, and while I don't know much about her original story, I know there has been much critique about the writers taking great liberties with the facts. I'm one of those people who honestly don't care how close they stay to the actual facts. Within reason of course, I wouldn't be very happy if Mary took out her cell phone to make a call. Overall, though, this show is down-right addicting.

The White Queen
This was actually a mini-series that came on last summer on Starz. I started watching this summer after Reign wrapped up its season and I  was desperately craving another historical drama. This show follows the story lines of three women: Elizabeth Woodville, Anne Neville, and Margaret Beaufort. This show is much more historically accurate than Reign, but just as enjoyable.

This show is a modern take on Sherlock Holmes. Sherlock is recovering drug addict and Joan Watson is his sober companion. They live in New York City and are consulting detectives for the NYPD. If you like crime dramas I would definitely recommend this one.

Person of Interest
I'm actually having a really hard time deciding how to describe this show... Its just really complex and awesome. Its under the allusion that the government has created a machine that spies on all of America to recognize terrorist threats, but it actually sees all threats. So there are two guys who try to save all the people the government finds "irrelevant". Yeah. Just trust me, its good.

Avatar: The Last Airbender
This show is my childhood. Legit. I can reference to this in every facet of my life. I'm very lucky to have friends and family who have watched and loved this show as well so that most of my references aren't wasted. But seriously if you have never see this show, get your life together and go marathon it.

Whose Line is it Anyways?
The CW
This show was also a big part of my childhood, even though it probably shouldn't have been, you know, content-wise. But my older brothers loved this show so I always wrangled myself a spot on the couch while they watched. This show is hilarious! And you could watch the same episode over and over again (which I have done) and it is just as funny every time. The CW recently picked up this show again with most of the original cast, and it's okay, but if you want the full experience go and watch the seasons with Drew Carey as host. Unbeatable.

So You Think You Can Dance?
This is my favorite "reality show". I try not to consider it as a reality show because it tries to focus more on the dance than the drama of the contestants. They actually very rarely show any drama between contestants. But in all actuality this show is great. The dancing is great and its entertaining. I have pretty much watched every season since season 2.

America's Next Top Model
The CW
This show is actually my reality show guilty pleasure. I tried to watch the show from the first season, but got really bored halfway through season 2. This show has been on forever! Season 20 ended last year and season 21 starts this August and I can't wait. Some of the old seasons are annoyingly out-dated but the newer ones are really good. And by good I mean unnecessarily drama-fillled goodness. And they added guys to the mix last season. (Bonus!)

What are your favorite shows?

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  1. The 100 made my list too. I fell in love with it. I think the book is a little different, as far as I know Finn doesn't exist... I loved Reign at the beginning but it started to annoy me the tiniest bit towards the end. I'll still be watching though. I also tried watching The White Queen when Reign finished but the king? Was a bit creepy for me so I stopped. Great list :)


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