Thursday, December 6, 2012

Think Out Loud #1: Free Your Mind

Think Out Loud is a weekly meme created by Thinks Books for bloggers to be able to break out of the blogging bubble and promotes thinking outside of the box. You can use this feature to post things you ordinarily wouldn't. For example, if you usually write book reviews, step outside your comfort zone. Post a funny story, a rant, a cool pic or video, ANYTHING. Consider it a complete free for all.

Hey Guys! I personally love this idea. So for my first think out loud I thought I would share a photo and a story. 

       I have been looking for some new ideas for posts when I stumbled across this meme. I love this idea because it gives me a chance to talk about something besides books. I, and many others i'm sure, have these moments when I get a great idea or I see something that I want to share but find no one around. And, if your like me, you have to wait until the next day to tell your friends, or if , heaven forbid, it's a weekend and you have to wait TWO days to tell someone and you feel like you are going to burst. Now, I know there is Facebook and texting and on and on but to me there is nothing like telling someone something in person.
       I gauge peoples reactions by their body language not by what the say, so it helps to tell people things in person. Though I do hate eye contact so I am missing a big part of a persons reaction. And they do say the eyes are the window to the soul... I digress. Where was I....Oh that's right. So if I ever get these ideas or whatever they may be its nice to have a way to share it. And that is why I like this idea. You can say whatever you want and you dont have to stick to whatever the theme of your blog is, in my case books.       These posts will porbably never have anything to do with books. Also, I like this because it shows you i don't only think about books, not that any of you may have thought that, but you couldn't be sure until now. And I honestly dont think I have ever really written this much in a post, but it feels good to do. And how did I do this? I freed my mind.
      Most of the other posts I do have certain rules and guidelines but with this I can put whatever I want. And that is what I did. I freed my mind and wrote whatever came to it. So that is what I challenge you to do. Free your mind from what you have been told is right or wrong. In your mind there are no wrong answers. There are no rules. Just free your mind and write.~


  1. Wow Sydney! This was an amazing post. I loved it! Thanks for joining in the Think Out Loud fun and I look forward to your future posts. I am going to go follow you now!


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