Friday, September 6, 2013

The Random # Survey


The Random # Survey is created by Melissa @ Harley Bear Book Blog.
Here’s how it works, straight from Melissa.
How to participate:
1. Pick a number.
Keep in mind how many books you have.  If you have one bookshelf like me you may want to keep it between 1-10.  If you're like Book BFF Angela and have a bunch of bookshelves you may want to pick between a higher range like 1-50. 
I used and got the # 8!
2. Go to your bookshelf and count that many books until you reach your number. Answer the question with that book.
(I counted 8 books in and got Delirium).  So I used Delirium to answer question 1. 
3. Count the same number of books from where you left off and answer the next question.
Then I counted 8 more books after Delirium and got The Evolution of Mara Dyer and used that book to answer question 2.  You get the idea...
I chose # 6

1. What do you think of the cover?
I think this cover is cute, summery, and very Sarah Dessen-y.

2. Write a review in 140 characters or less.
A girls dad is very irresponsible and somewhat messes her life up. Girl remedies that with a cute boy. Just fluffy and fun.

3. How or where did you get this book?
This came in a box set with the other two from Amazon.

4. Who’s your favorite character in this book and why?
Ky. Because I am am a stereotypical girl. Maybe.

5. Recommend this book to a fellow blogger you think would like it.
Urg. Sadly I don't really know of anyone who really liked the first book besides me. But I think everyone should give this one a chance.

6. How long ago did you read this book?
June 2012. Thank you Goodreads.

.7. Name a favorite scene from this book (NO SPOILERS).
When they reunite. 'nuff said.

8. Open to page 87 and pick a random quote to share (NO SPOILERS)
"It felt weird, too close after the earlier tension, but she stood there while Seth draped a necklace around her throat."

9. How did you hear about or discover this book?
Well this is the second book in a series, so I guess I heard about it from the first book.

10. If you could redesign the cover what would you do?
I don't think I would do much. It is a middle grades book so it need that animated look. Actually I have no idea.

11. Name your least favorite character in this book and why?
Grace's Dad. Bleh. Actually both of her parents

12. Fill in the blank. If you like____________ then you should try (Your Book).
Contemporaries. Any Other Sarah Dessen Book.

13. Name one cool thing about this book (under the dust jacket, map, font, photograph, ect.)
It has an animated spider as the page break.

14. Where is it set and would you ever want to visit that world/place.
Nantucket. Sure, for a little vacation.

15. Who is it dedicated to?
"For Jim and Kate"

That's it! Feel free to do this too. It was quite fun :D


  1. What a fun survey Sydney! If I did this one I'd have to pick a number between 1-200 or however many books I have XD

    Jeann @ Happy Indulgence

  2. Oh my this looks like tons of fun! I just don't have that much of books so I'll probably run out by the time i get to #10...then do we start the cycle again? O__o Anyways, I'm happy that there was Sarah Dessen mentioned! She is just the contemporary queen or summery type books. She just holds that title, I'm pretty sure...


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