Monday, October 1, 2012

Books That Missed The Bar

Hey Guys! So this post will be about books that I had high hopes for, whether because of other reviews or just how interesting it sounded, but then ended up disappointing me. Now, I know a lot of people might of loved these books, but these just didn't do it for me.

The Summer I Turned Pretty
Jenny Han
I was hearing a lot about this book a year or two ago. People were saying it was just an easy beach read. So, when I was getting a few books from my vacation and saw it I thought I should go ahead and pick it up. Once I started reading it I quickly became quite annoyed by Belly, the main character. Also, the whole love-triangle between brothers kinda bothered me.

Scott Westerfeld 
You can see my review here.

Have you read either of these?


  1. Huh, read any of these. Been thinking of reading Levithan though.

  2. The Summer I Turned Pretty is such a good book :(


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