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Fields of Elysium: Author Interview & Giveaway

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fields newFields of Elysium
A.B. Whelan
How can love mend a heart full of hate? Small town girl, Molly Bennett, moves to Los Angeles where she becomes an outsider while attending Beverly Hills High School. It seems life cannot be any more dreadful. Then one day after school, something magical happens. On a secluded hike in the Hollywood Hills, Molly chases her disobedient mutt and only friend into a hidden cavern. She stumbles upon a strange glimmering gateway that transports her to Arkana, a planet that is the cradle of an advanced human race. There, teenagers navigate amazing flying vehicles, compete in perilous games for glory, and possess supernatural powers. While Molly tries to wrap her mind around this unbelievable discovery, she meets the alluring and mysterious Victor Sorren. He is a Sentinel Apprentice, whose hatred toward people from Earth is beyond understanding. Yet every time Victor unpredictably saves Molly's life, his heart draws closer to hers, no matter how much he tries to fight against it. It further complicates things that their growing friendship is strictly forbidden. Earth people are prohibited in Arkana, yet Molly continues to cross through the portal to Arkana to see Victor. Torn between their double lives, they go down a dangerous path, from where there is no return and multiple endings. Fields of Elysium is a suspenseful, romantic tale full of forbidden secrets, unimaginable danger, deception, and the never-ending fight for true love.

Interview with A.B. Whelan

~Can you tell us a little about yourself?
I’m a Hungarian-born American writer; a computer engineer dork who looks like a bimbo; an outdoor soccer mom who loves to cook and bake; an anti-shopper who goes crazy in a book store; a reckless person who always has to do something new, yet is capable of sitting in front of a computer and writing for hours. Sounds crazy, right?

~What is something you cannot live without?

~Facebook or Twitter?
Neither. I dislike Facebook’s money-hungry business politics, and I’m very new to Twitter. However, I have several social media accounts. It’s a weird feeling when people start to follow you, because you feel the urgent need to say something smart or cool. I didn’t find my ‘social media’ voice yet, so I just post random stuff about my books and events.
~Where is the farthest place you have traveled in the world?
It depends on the origin. If I measure it from Hungary, I’d say Ecuador. If from California, I’d say Durban, South-Africa. Thanks to my awesome parents and husband, I have always traveled.

~What is your favorite television show at the moment?
That’s a tough question. I don’t watch TV shows. However, I did watch every episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender on Netflix with my kids and I loved them all. Does that make me a dork?

~Physical book or E-book?
Another toughie. It’s easier to browse for e-books online and they are cheaper, too. But the physical book has a certain quality to it I love. One day I want to have wall-to-ceiling bookshelves with a sliding ladder. I’m starting to run out of space for my books, so I’m getting there.

~What is the hardest part about writing a book?
Being able to channel the characters’ emotions into the readers. That’s where most books fail. Doesn’t matter how good the story is if you don’t care about the characters.
~Sweet or Salty?
Definitely sweet.

~What are your pet peeves?
I have lived in so many countries and cultures that I’ve become pretty smooth and accepting. I don’t want to sound snobbish, though, so I guess I should say something. Oh, I know. I hate having to wait.

~If you were not an author, what would you be?
I’d love to work on a movie production. I used to be a marketing manager. I enjoy creative jobs.


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