Friday, May 17, 2013

Lets Talk: Mid-Series Cover Changes

One of my biggest pet peeves about books is when an author changes the covers of thier books before the series is done. UGH! I like the series' on my shelf to have matching covers. When they change the covers it just looks messy. And sometimes I will decide to have all matching hardbacks in a series, but they only have the new cover of the first book in paperback. Really? Really, publishing companies? And also they take the old covers out of circulation, so even if you wanted the old cover in a hardback you couldn't have it! Gah! This just frustrates me so much. So much.

Now, I am not saying the new covers always look bad of anything. I mean sometimes they look better than the original, or I might like both covers equally. Don't get me wrong though there are some covers that looked beautiful, but the new ones are just not as pretty like the Across the Universe Trilogy. The first and second books are so pretty with the galaxy and all of that but the new covers just don't reach the bar for me.

 Also the Shatter Me seires. I loved the first cover, but I don't really like the new covers. Nope, I think they should have stuck with the first one.

Another change would be the Immortal Rules series. I liked the first book's cover, and I like the new cover too. The only problem is I don't think they are selling the new cover for the first book in hardback!

Well. No matter how much we complain, I don't think this will stop. Most of the time I know they change the covers to try to appeal to a broader audience, but most times I don't feel like they need to. And the cover not matching isn't enough for me not to get a book in a series I love, but it will always bug me..

How do you feel about mid series cover changes? Does it annoy you or do you just not care?

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  1. Tch-tch I hate this SO MUCH! >:( I was reading the Artemis Fowl series and as I was buying the last book, it just drastically used more graphic designs then the first book which kept to a more book kind of cover like a journal and you have to open it find out. But then by the 4 or 5 book they changed to a full out different one even if it still kept the same font title. But by the 7 and 8 book, they just fully changed it to a totally different style. Argh!

    Oh, and i also hate movie covers! One thing I hate more than books turned into movies, is the book cover changing into the movie poster for the cover. I have to literally buy online to get the cover I like.


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