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Review: Goddess Interrupted

Goddess Interrupted
Goddess Test #2
Aimee Carter

Becoming immortal wasn't supposed to be the easy part. Though Kate is about to be crowned Queen of the Underworld, she's as isolated as ever. And despite her growing love for Henry, ruler of the Underworld, he's becoming ever more distant and secretive. Then, in the midst of Kate's coronation, Henry is abducted by the only being powerful enough to kill him: the King of the Titans.

As the other gods prepare for a war that could end them all, it is up to Kate to save Henry from the depths of Tartarus. But in order to navigate the endless caverns of the Underworld, Kate must enlist the help of the one person who is the greatest threat to her future.

Henry's first wife, Persephone.

Rating: 4/5

“It is supposed to be the truth." He stared at me and my breath caught in my throat. "If I were a better man, I would be able to show you the love and affection you deserve. As I am not, I can only offer you what I'm capable of giving. But I assure you, just because I do not show it, doesn't mean I do not feel it.”

“Being brave doesn't mean never being afraid, you know. It means going for it anyway because you know it's the right thing to do.” ”

“If it's healed, then why does it still hurt?" I said, panicked.
What if the pain never went away? How was I supposed to live with that? Had Henry experienced the same thing in his chest? How could he have possibly fought of that thing again if he had?
"Because there is no power in the world that can take away the pain until it is ready to leave." said Theo”

My Thoughts:
I really love it when the second book in a series is as good as, or better than the first. It seems to be a very rare occurrence, but when it happens, I can't help but cheer a little on the inside. Goddess Interrupted is definitely one of those examples. I really liked The Goddess Test, but to be completely honest, I don't remember much about it. I read the first book last November, so I think that it is justified. I still remember the main plot, but the little details escaped me. After starting this second book most things started to come back to me but there were still a few moments when the first book was referred to that I kind of went, "huh?".

In this book there is considerably more action and adventure, which was awesome. The first book was more about passing the tests and this one was more about....adventures in the Underworld...I guess. I actually can't say much about this book without giving away the end of the first book. One thing I did like was the change in scenery. The first book takes place in the Eden Manor and this one takes place in the Underworld. I really liked seeing Amiee Carter's idea of how the Underworld looks and works.

The only thing that really bothered me about this book was the "romance" between Henry and Kate. Kate spends a huge chunk of this book worrying about if Henry really loves her. Henry isn't good at showing physical affection and Kate practically begs for it. She is constantly doubting it and worrying that she will never compare to his first wife. I can understand why she might be concerned about that, but it was on almost every other page and got quite annoying. But other than that I really enjoyed this book. BUT THAT CLIFFHANGER. ALKJFOIESEGF MY GOSH. That cliffhanger was just mean.

If you like books about mythology, then you should definitely try this book. It is a really original take on the classic Persephone story and so far it is a great series.


  1. This series has been on my wishlist for a while! I am a huge fan of Greek mythology myself! Glad that the sequel lived up to the greatness of the first book -- I have stumpled upon a few second book syndromes and I must say they made me uninterested to continue the series... Great review! :D

    1. Thanks! I love mythology books too! I think the series is worth continuing and I hope you do!

  2. I'm not a fan of the series :( But great review!

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