Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Quote Unquote: The Angel Experiment

Quote Unquote is a series of posts of my favorite quotes from certain books. Today I am doing The Angel Experiment by James Patterson. This is the first book in the Maximum Ride series and I absolutely loved it. It was a bit sad and serious some times, but there were definitely a couple lines that had me laughing.

~“'Man, You weigh a freaking ton! What have you been eating, rocks?'
 'Why, is your head missing some?'”

~“I feel like, like pudding," Iggy groaned. "Pudding with nerve endings. Pudding in great pain.”

~“Feeding a crowd?' the woman behind the counter asked.
Yes, ma'am ,' Fang said sweetly.
Yeah, him and all his split personalities, I thought.”

~“Because what’s worse than knowing you want something, besides knowing you can never have it?”

~“Popcorn for breakfast! Why not? It's a grain. It's like, like, grits, but with high self-esteem.”

~“I led the way toward the crowd, trying to look casual, like, Fly? Me? Nah.”
~“Fang snorted in disbelief. "On one hand, we have a mythical nice family that wants to adopt me. On the other, we have a gang of insane scientists desperate to do genetic experiments on innocent children. Guess which hand I get dealt?”

~“Fang was going to kill me. And after I was dead, he would kill me again.”

~“Why was the blind guy playing with matches, you ask? Because he's good at it. Anything to do with fire, igniting things, exploding things, things with fuses, wicks, accelerants . . . Iggy's your man. It's one of those good/bad things.”

~“I have an idea. It’s risky, and Max will kill us when she finds out.”Iggy raised his head. “Sounds like my kind of idea.”

Which is your favorite?

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  1. This is a series I need to continue on with. I've only read the first book, but enjoyed it :) Great quotes!

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading


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